Mercedes-Benz class action claims M274 pistons prone to premature failure

Close up of a Mercedes engine.
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Mercedes-Benz pistons class action lawsuit overview: 

  • Who: Lena Jamil filed a class action lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. 
  • Why: Jamil claims Mercedes-Benz sold vehicles equipped with defective M274 engines containing pistons that prematurely fail, forcing full-engine replacements. 
  • Where: The class action lawsuit was filed in California federal court. 

Mercedes-Benz sold vehicles equipped with defective M274 engines that contain pistons prone to premature failure, a new class action lawsuit alleges. 

Plaintiff Lena Jamil claims Mercedes-Benz failed to disclose the alleged defect, which she argues requires a full engine replacement to be needed,  to customers who purchased or leased affected vehicles. 

Jamil argues piston failures like the ones that allegedly occur in the affected Mercedes-Benz vehicles do not occur in modern day vehicles “absent a defect.” 

Despite this, Mercedes-Benz never disclosed that the “premature piston failure her car had experienced” was due to a “prevalent defect to the M274 engine” known to the automaker, the Mercedes-Benz class action alleges. 

Mercedes-Benz class action claims automaker declined to cover engine replacement costs

Mercedes-Benz declined to cover any of the costs of repair for Jamil’s vehicle after it required an engine replacement after only 95,000 miles on account of the alleged defect, according to the Mercedes-Benz pistons class action. 

“With neither MBUSA nor its dealer agreeing to cover any cost of the repair, Plaintiff was left to pay for this repair out of her own pocket in order to have an operable car, and she did so,” the lawsuit states. 

Jamil wants to represent a California class of consumers who have owned or leased a Mercedes-Benz vehicle equipped with an M274 engine. 

She accuses Mercedes-Benz of violating California’s Consumer Legal Remedies ActSong-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and Unfair Competition Law

Jamil demands a jury trial and requests declaratory and injunctive relief along with an award of punitive damages for herself and all class members. 

Earlier this year, a federal judge in Georgia ruled Mercedes-Benz must face claims it sold model year 2015-2019 C-Class vehicles that suffer from a manufacturing defect that causes them to leak raw fuel within their engine compartment. 

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The plaintiff is represented by Roy A. Katriel of The Katriel Law Firm, P.C. and Ralph B. Kalfayan of The Kalfayan Law Firm, APC. 

The Mercedes-Benz pistons class action lawsuit is Jamil v. Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC, Case No. 2:22-cv-08130, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.